Greetings to all. My name is wang and I am from, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have set up this site dedicated to my interest in the Doctor Fish also known as Garra Rufa, Kangal Fish, and Nibble Fish. My purpose for setting up this site is to share my personal experience with these special fishes, as they have come to provide me with many hours of enjoyment.

I purchase my first batch of fishes in October 2007. The fishes were probably about 5-6 months old when i first got them from my local fish importer who initially imported them from Germany. In January 2008, I got my first batch of babies and up to today, they have not stopped breeding!


Important Announcement

It has come to my attention that a party (I already have an idea who you are!) is impersonating me on a particular website, (which I shall not mention as this would give them free publicity) and is openly criticizing other spa operators and other types of spa fishes. He or she has also cut information which I have posted here and used those comments as their own. So as not to create any friction between any party, I have decided to stop and withdrawal comments made on other types of fishes which are being use as replacements for Garra Rufa and allow the consumers themselves to source for information as I would not allow my website to be use for personal attacks on any party. Thank you


This site  The Web 


I have started commercial breeding of the Garra Rufa in April 2008 and I am happy to inform that I can supply commercial numbers of Garra Rufa for fish spas or aquarium trade. The current prices are as below :

1,000 - 2,999 pieces       Please email for price

3,000 - 4,999 pieces       Please email for price

5,000 pieces and above   Please email for price

For larger orders or sizes, please e-mail for price.

I regret to inform that currently I cannot export numbers below 1,000 pieces.

For other business opportunities please contact me at the email below.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Excerpt Of An Email From A US Buyer -Please Beware When Purchasing

"I recently became a victim of an supplier in China who sold me 2000 Garra Rufas but instead sent 2000 Tilapia Rendalli's.  Needless to say, U.S. Customs siezed the shipment immediately"

"I have been reading and talking to many people, including the U.S. Customs Police who took my shipment about the recent influx of "Doctor Fish" being imported into the United States.   The experts tell me that there is no such thing as a Chin Chin or hybrid Gara Rufa.  The fishes that are being sold as Chin Chin are simply baby Tilapias.  The U.S. Customs Police told me that they have stopped 90 percent of shipments of fish declared to be "Garra Rufas" at the United States airports because in reality, the fishes are baby Tilapias.  So when suppliers say they are selling "Hybrid Garras", they are really giving people baby Tilapias.  In fact, about 90 percent of the spas in the U.S. that advertise the use of Doctor Fish are actually using baby Tilapias.  Some of these spa owners don't even know what a true garra looks like.

Tilapia is also refered to as a "trash fish" here in the U.S. because it is so cheap and is often associated with poverty.  The United States Fish and Wildlife Governental Agency several years ago declared it to be illegal for live Tilapias to be imported to the US because these fishes are so strong and fast-breeding that they kill most of the local fishes in the rivers and ponds.  This is what is refered to as "invasive species"-- species that threaten the local animal population and thus threaten the local ecosystem.  Although what happened to me several days ago with the fish shipment sounded humiliating, I was actually lucky the Customs Police did not handcuff me and take me to jail.   Please warn your customers in the U.S. who are thinking about buying "Chin Chin"-- they could possibly get arrested and end up in jail for a couple of days."

Robert ..........
Saint Petersburg, FL

3:28 pm cst

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi everyone. I have been busy with my breeding programme as I have added many more fishes to our breeding stock. We are in the midst of expanding our facility. We also have been busy with consulting and building some spas in Malaysia and also in Thailand. Sorry for all those who have written to me, I still owe you some quotations, my partner has come down dengue and has been out of action for about 1 weeks now. He is finally up and running and is working on the quotations and designs as I am typing this. Its going to be Chinese New Year soon, so I am taking this opportunity to wish all our customers Happy Chinese New Year and lot of good fortune for the year ahead!cheers....
12:13 pm cst

Friday, September 26, 2008

Home Fish Spa
Hi everyone. It has been more than a month since my last post. Been busy with breeding and setting up of more breeding ponds.

There have been a number of inquiries about setting up home fish spas. At the moment we regret to inform that we can only do so for households in the Klang Valley but we can try to give you some advise on how to set up your ponds for those of you who are from outstation. Those who already have ponds in your homes and want to include the Dr Fish in your ponds, it can be easily done with a bit of modifications to the filter system. We would need to look at your existing system and will recommend to you what changes needs to be made. Any of you who want to build new ponds, we do provide pond building and design services as well.

There are also some of you who instead of getting ponds built in your gardens, have decided to buy custom designed tanks or fiber ponds. We have helped to set up a few of those too. Tanks can be custom made to your specifications with the required filteration systems. For more information you can contact Elvin Saw.
11:53 am cst

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pictures of Garra Rufa on Websites

I know!  I know!, i need better pictures on my website, but what can I do, cant afford an expensive camera:) Will try to get a friend to come help me take some better pictures.

Been surfing the web, looking for more websites on Garra Rufa and I came to realise, that many of those websites offering Garra Rufa, in fact dont even have pictures of the real fish. Some of the pictures of the fishes in the spa, if you look closely are pictures of Chin Chin from China.

There has been a sudden interest in Garra Rufa, and judging from the emails I have been getting, there are lots of you who want these fishes either for a spa business or for your own homes. I am sorry that I cannot meet the demand currently as there are too many people and not enough fishes. We are still increasing our production every month, so hopefully we will be able to supply more soon.

Those wanting to purchase Garra Rufa, a word of caution, there are many people passing off other fishes as Garra Rufa, so please buy from someone you can trust. You will end up having to replace the fishes later if you have not gotten the correct fish.

11:11 am cst

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are You Paying For Garra Rufa?

Recently with the shortage of Garra Rufa in the market, there are exporters who are offering fishes at much lower prices but please do check to determine that you are in fact buying and getting the Garra Rufa. Some exporters who dont have the Garra Rufa will supply you fishes that they term as "Spa Fish", which can range from a number of different fish breeds. Some costs as low as USD0.20 each. So please becareful when purchasing.

12:57 am cst

Monday, July 28, 2008

International Buyers
We do export but to limited locations. We need your location and the nearest airport for us to quote. We do ship to the US and to Europe. Our minimum order is 1,000 fishes. thank you.
11:23 am cst

Sunday, July 27, 2008

There should be more than 1,000 babies today ;) They are everywhere. Took me hours sorting them out. Happy to report that most of females are still pregnant. I am waiting for more babies in the coming days! There has been so much interest from everyone and I would like to thank all of you for visiting my website and for you kind words. I would also like to apologise for not having the time to reply to everyone. I will try to have more information here, to answer all your questions.
3:06 am cst

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where to buy fish?
For those who have emailed and asked about buying small number of fishes (less than 100 pieces), you can contact Taman Desa Aquarium, speak to Elvin Saw, he can get you some. He can also hook you up with the proper aquarium and advise you as to what else you would need to use, eg. filter, UV, ph buffer. His contact is enclosed.
12:19 pm cst

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Emails & Questions
Firstly, I need to apologise to everyone who has written to me as I have not had the time to reply to many of your email. I will get around to them eventually. Sorry for the delay as I am pretty busy with my Garra Rufa breeding.

For those who have enquired as to how they can buy some fishes, I will be posting on this website an address and contact, for those who want to buy less than 100 pieces.  I will do this once I have supplied them with some fishes, which would be in about 2-3 weeks time. For those who want to buy more, or those who want to stock their spas, feel free to email me, and I will try to reply soon. I will have more fishes for sale soon and I would like to thank those who have purchase fishes from me, and I hope you will have as much fun with them as I had breeding them.
11:05 am cst

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pond Breeding Success
Fishes are breeding and I have seen little babies but because they are so small, taking sometime to actually harvest them. Will decide to wait a couple of weeks before removing them from the pond. Another set of adults would be ready for breeding next month, and another pond is ready for them. The others that have been kept all this while in tanks shall be maintained there.
12:00 pm cst

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I guess every one have been to the many web sites dedicated to the Garra Rufa. When I first got interested in these fishes, searching the internet was so so confusing. There were so many pictures and descriptions of fishes. Different people were claiming their fish to be the Dr. Fish. I got so confused, but with the proper help from my local fish importer and hours of searching on the internet, I managed to determine that the species purchased from Germany was indeed the Dr. Fish. There are so many fakes going around, and so many varieties of this fish, that many look so similar to the real Garra Rufa. One needs to be careful when purchasing. For those who want compare the different pictures of the various Garras, do check out this website :

I became fascinated with these fishes on my first trip to a Fish Spa in Singapore. Normally, fishes would run away when humans are around, but with Dr. Fish, once you immerse your hands or feet into the water, you get hundreds of these little fishes swimming towards you. At first I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant, especially when i watched in horror as the hundreds of fishes swam towards my feet! At the beginning, it was so ticklish, I was so close to biting my tongue off, but being a guy, had to act macho in front of my girlfriend and the ladies at the spa!

Breeding Garra Rufa- From my observations, my Garra have started breeding after approximately 7 - 8 months. My set-up is as follows : A 4 feet aquarium with coral pieces to stabilize the ph of the water at approximately ph 7. Approximately 30 pieces of Garra, no particular ratio between males and females as I am still not able to 100% distinguish the males from the females, only that the females have a rounder stomach when they are pregnant. I feed them twice a day, and they just about eat any food, flakes, pellets, etc. I do water change once a week, approximately 15%. I am told that they are egg scatterers but till today, I have not seen or noticed any eggs. It might be that they are just too small. I only notice Baby Garra swimming in my tank. New Babies would appear weekly. I would catch the babies out, to avoid the parents eating them.

Thanks for visiting.

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